Report: Samsung ‘Galaxy Ring’ Wearable Coming Early 2024

Samsung has a new wearable in the pipeline, but it’s not a new watch. Instead, it comes in the shape of a ring that you’ll wear on your finger, similar to that of the Oura smart ring. Fittingly, this device is reported to be called Galaxy Ring.

Thanks to a bit of APK digging done by the good folks at 9to5Google, not only do we now have a name for this wearable, but we even have a peek at what the device looks like and when we can expect Samsung to release it. So as not to keep you waiting, we can tell you that it’s reported to launch in early 2024 with an unveiling possibly scheduled for Samsung’s next Unpacked event.

As for the hardware, the Galaxy Ring looks like a ring. Makes sense. Given that it’s expected to be a health tracker, we’d put our money on it being able to track heart rates, O2, sleeping, and things of that nature. Given we still have a bit until launch, that’s all we can guess for now.

Samsung’s next Unpacked event is expected in January. Only a few months away. Thoughts?

// 9to5Google


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