Report: Google’s Promising More Android Updates for Pixel 8 Lineup

It sounds as though Google is ready to seriously up its software update commitment on newer Pixel devices, with a report claiming that the company is set to announce more Android OS updates for the new Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. How many more? We’re talking new “King of Android Updates” more.

It’s not specified what Google intends to offer Pixel 8 and future Pixel phone buyers, though, it’s said to surpass what Samsung currently provides to its Galaxy devices. Samsung’s policy is 4 years of Android OS updates. If Google was to surpass that and go for five years of Android updates and a set number of years for security updates, it could really show that Google is committed to its new Tensor chipsets and supporting them well into the future.

Up until recently, Google’s policy has likely been determined not by themselves, but by the manufacturers of the components they have used. For the Pixel 8, Google must be using more Google-made components, which grants them further control over how long it is all supported. We also saw it reported back in July that the first fully custom Google chip (G5) wouldn’t be ready until 2025. We’ll likely learn much more about what Google is planning for the Pixel 8 when the company announces it soon.

If indeed Google offers what could be five years of Android OS updates to the Pixel 8 lineup, we’ll be sure to let you know when the coronation ceremony is.

// 9to5Google


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