Realme to raise R&D investment by 58% as it focuses on long term growth: Founder

The founder of Realme has just shared some insights regarding the company’s future goals and even expressed his gratitude towards the customers for their support. He also shared a short speech regarding the 828 Fan Festival as well, so let’s have a look.

In a recent tweet, Sky Li stated that Realme will soon be celebrating its fourth 828 Fan Festival. He further added that this arrives as the Chinese smartphone maker is entering its second stage of growth. During this period, the brand will be focusing on refining its goals for long term growth and launch even more “exceptional Number Series smartphones” in the market soon.

For those unaware, the fourth 828 Fan Festival is set to kick off starting from 28th August 2022. But prior to this event, the founder of the company expressed his gratitude to the brand’s 140 million strong fans. Thus, the senior official also reaffirmed that the company will place more emphasis on product quality and market focus as well. It is planning on adopting a new strategy, which is dubbed “Simply Better.”

To put things simply, Realme is expanding its research and development by 58 percent compared to last year. Through this, it promises to deliver exceptional Number Series phones in the near future. These new models will arrive with a stylish package but with an accessible price tag to better appeal to the youth demographic.



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