Realme GT Neo 3 features flagship Sony IMX766 sensor with OIS -Exec confirms

Realme is set to launch the Realme GT Neo 3 officially in China on March 22nd, 2 days away from today. And like all major launches in 2022, the company is also following the “drip and feed” trend of releasing the features of the device each day before launch to build up for the anticipated “probably industry-changing” device of the year. 

In its latest teaser announcement on Weibo, Chase Xu, Senior Executive at Realme, reveals the jaw-dropping camera highlight of the Realme GT Neo 3. The Realme GT Neo 3 will sport a flagship Sony IMX766 50MP sensor with OIS! 

Source: Chase Xu on Weibo

For context, the Sony IMX766 sensor is mostly used on flagships like the 12 series, X70 series, Find X3 and Find X5 series. 

However, equipping only flagship hardware won’t magically give the phone extraordinary photographing abilities. That’s why Chase also mentioned that Realme has developed a brand new advanced imaging algorithm for the Realme GT Neo 3 that focuses 94% faster than its predecessor, the Realme GT Neo2 and allows for shutter speeds that are also 62% faster. The executive also exclaims that the device will sport better a night mode, to make it an all-scene photographing device no matter day or night.

Realme GT Neo3 equipped with flagship photography

Despite being an upper mid-range offering from Realme, the Realme GT Neo 3 pulls no punches compared to its flagship siblings. Besides its camera, the Realme GT Neo 3 was also revealed to be the first-ever smartphone in the industry to be equipped with 150W wired charging for consumers. Realme claims that the new charging technology allows for the device to charge from 0% to 50% within 5 minutes

Realme GT Neo3

Another highlight of the Realme GT Neo 3 includes its MediaTek Dimensity 8100 processor in which early benchmarks reveal that the chip’s performance also surpasses that of Qualcomm’s highest-end chip, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. And of course, screen quality is also a highlight for the device as it boasts a 120Hz flat AMOLED display with a staggering 94.2% screen to body ratio, and a 1000Hz touch sampling rate for smooth performance on the go.


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