Power Up your Black Friday with OUKITEL’s exclusive deals on Power Stations and Solar Panels

As Black Friday approaches, adventure seekers and those needing reliable backup power are in for a treat with OUKITEL’s exciting Black Friday sale. Whether you’re gearing up for a weekend camping expedition or preparing for unexpected blackouts, OUKITEL has unveiled massive discounts and exclusive giveaways to make this Black Friday unforgettable.

Special Bonus:

For those looking to make a substantial purchase, OUKITEL is offering a generous incentive. Every order exceeding $3000 will include a complimentary OUKITEL CN505, a power station that typically retails for $269. This exclusive bonus ensures that customers not only secure powerful equipment but also enjoy substantial savings.

Flash Sale:

Subscribe now to take advantage of the limited-time flash sale on the P2001 power station. Priced at a remarkable $899 during this Black Friday event, subscribers will also receive free gifts with their purchase. This flash sale provides an excellent opportunity for customers to acquire top-tier power solutions at a discounted rate while enjoying additional complimentary items.

Store Discount:

Customers can further enhance their savings by placing an order during OUKITEL’s Black Friday sale and enjoying an additional 5% discount on the total amount at checkout. This store discount adds an extra layer of value, making it an opportune time to invest in OUKITEL’s reliable and cutting-edge power solutions.

Explore OUKITEL’s Black Friday deals before they expire. With massive discounts, exclusive giveaways, and limited-time offers, OUKITEL’s Black Friday sale in 2023 is a power-packed event that you won’t want to miss.

OUKITEL P5000 – Mobile Home Backup Power Station

For a limited time, the OUKITEL P5000 is available at a discounted price of $2,399, down from $2,999, allowing you to save $600. Additionally, the P5000 + PV400 bundle is on sale for $3,299, down from $3,999, offering a savings of $700. Don’t miss the opportunity to secure reliable and portable power at an unbeatable price.

The OUKITEL P5000 is a robust solution designed to meet the power demands of an average family for an entire day. Boasting an impressive 5,120Wh capacity, this portable power station ensures you can run most household appliances, making it indispensable for emergencies, RV trips, outdoor parties, and adventures.

Featuring durable wheels and a retractable handle, transportation is made hassle-free. The P5000’s versatility is not just limited to its mobility; it’s a reliable companion for various scenarios. In times of crisis, it provides essential backup power, while on outdoor excursions, it becomes the lifeblood of camping appliances and outdoor equipment.

OUKITEL P2001 – Power Solution for Vanlifers, RVers, and Campers

OUKITEL P2001 is available at a discounted price of $899, down from $1,299, allowing you to save $400. Additionally, the P2001 + PV400 bundle is on sale for $1,599, down from $1,899, offering a savings of $300. Secure your power independence with the OUKITEL P2001, a reliable and portable solution for various lifestyles and situations.

The OUKITEL P2001 emerges as an ideal companion for outdoor enthusiasts and those preparing for home emergencies. This portable power unit, designed for van lifers, RVers, and campers, offers a myriad of applications. With an impressive 2000Wh capacity, the P2001 stands ready to power essential home appliances such as laptops, routers, lights, and even aquariums.

Beyond its camping prowess, the P2001 proves invaluable during power outages, functioning as a reliable power bank. This versatile unit ensures you stay connected and powered up when it matters most.

OUKITEL P1201 – Your Grab-and-Go Power Station

For a limited time, the OUKITEL P1201 is available at a discounted price of $499, down from $799, enabling you to save $300. Additionally, the P1201 + PV400 bundle is on sale for $1,099, down from $1,299, offering a savings of $200. Don’t miss the chance to grab and go with the OUKITEL P1201, your reliable source of portable power for every adventure.

The OUKITEL P1201 is the epitome of convenience, offering a swift 80% charge in just 1.5 hours, making it the perfect companion for impromptu getaways and last-minute adventures. This portable power station is a must-have for camping, hiking, or any on-the-go activity.

Powered by LFP battery cells, the P1201 guarantees durability, allowing for over 3,500 usage cycles before reaching 80%. That’s nearly a decade of regular use, providing long-lasting reliability. With an impressive 1200W output, it effortlessly powers a variety of consumer electronics and accommodates up to nine devices simultaneously.

OUKITEL Solar Panels – PV200 and PV400

Harness the power of the sun with OUKITEL’s solar panels, available in two efficient models: PV200 and PV400. Crafted from monocrystalline cells, these panels boast up to 23% efficiency, ensuring optimal energy conversion. The ETFE coating and waterproof design guarantee durability, making them suitable for prolonged outdoor use.

Portable and foldable, OUKITEL’s solar panels provide a convenient source of free, clean power, whether at home or in the wild. Their compact design allows for easy transportation, ensuring you have a sustainable energy solution wherever you go.

The key difference lies in size, weight, and power output. Opt for the PV400 if you seek higher power production, keeping in mind that larger power capacity correlates with increased weight. Make a conscious choice to create a greener footprint with OUKITEL’s solar panels, the reliable and portable solution for clean energy in any environment.

About Oukitel:

OUKITEL, a visionary brand in the field of sustainable energy storage, endeavors to redefine lifestyles through innovative products. Dedicated to empowering users with cutting-edge solutions, OUKITEL’s mission is to integrate eco-friendly energy into both indoor and outdoor environments seamlessly. The brand extends its influence across more than 100 countries, earning the unwavering trust of millions worldwide.

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