Pixel Watch and Other WearOS Devices Might Get Support for Gmail and Google Calendar Soon

WearOS, a quite popular operating system developed by for smartwatches, has now said to get support for Gmail and Google Calendar. Google Pixel Watch was the first product launched by Google and not much time has passed since its official launch. The Pixel Watch was the first product launched by the brand in that particular category and therefore some more refinement and optimization are needed on the software side to provide an overall polished and improved user experience.

A new report coming from the house of 9TO5Google has revealed that might be possibly working on adding Gmail and Google Calendar support to the WearOS operating system. The Gmail and Calendar apps for Wear OS devices, which include the Pixel Watch itself, will soon undergo more useful updates.

Currently, if you own a smartwatch, you must use the Agenda app to manage any calendar-related tasks. The Agenda app’s lack of suitability for its intended use is the problem here. Only three days’ worth of appointments are displayed to you, and all you can do with them is read the details. There is no possibility to add new events or alter existing ones in any manner. This problem might be resolved with appropriate support for the official application.

According to the source, the applications would provide a “complete” experience, which implies that we might gain support for detailed email reading, email replies, and other Gmail-like capabilities. At least, that’s what we mean when we say an experience was “full.” With Calendar, the user might be able to add tasks and events right from their watch and it might feature a full calendar and event view. All of this, though, appears to be part of our expectations. Wait a few more months, and we might see the feature in its official form. Shortly after that, its true practicality will be analyzed.


Via: gizmochina.com

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