Pixel Watch 3 “XL” Images Suggest a Big Boy That’s Still Familiar

Earlier this week, we got a supposed first look at the upcoming Pixel Watch 3, thanks to early renders put together before Google could make the device official. Now that we’ve hit mid-week, we are getting a new look at a device being referred to as the Pixel Watch 3 XL, a larger version of Google’s upcoming watch that was previously rumored to be launching in two sizes.

The images are once again from @onleaks, who does this render creation thing for almost all devices, typically months before a company can make them official. They provided the images of the earlier Pixel Watch 3 as well, so this “XL” variant will look familiar.

As you’ll quickly notice, this Pixel Watch 3 XL looks like every other Pixel Watch. Google isn’t likely to shake things up with a major design overhaul, as the Pixel Watch has certainly taken on its own style that differs from everything Apple and Samsung are making. When you see a Pixel Watch, you know what it is. It makes a lot of sense for Google to lean into this design and improving it where they can without straying to far from the overall look.

According to this leak, the Pixel Watch 3 XL should feature a display measuring in at 1.45-inches, which is only slightly bigger than the 1.2-inch display thought to be included in the regular Watch 3. This Watch 3 XL should be thicker too, with a 13.89mm case that lands at 45x45mm on the wrist. For comparison, the Pixel Watch 2 has a 41mm case and is 12.3mm thick.

A bigger size really only means one thing to us – a bigger battery inside. Google’s Pixel Watch series has suffered from less-than-ideal battery life because Google chose such a small case that hasn’t allowed for a multi-day battery. Hopefully, with a larger 45mm case that we’ll get more than 24 hours from a charge.

Pixel Watch 3 XL

The other thing to note here is in the watch band attachment. The renders show a familiar attachment system, but Google is supposedly going to make it bigger for this Pixel Watch 3 XL. While it should attach the same as it does on previous Pixel Watches, this would essentially mean that you wouldn’t be able to use your old Pixel Watch bands on this new 3 XL. Honestly, that’s to be expected for a bigger watch that often needs a bigger band for proper wrist support.

You ready for a bigger Pixel Watch?

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Via: droid-life.com

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