Pixel Watch 3 Reported to Come in Two Sizes

Before the Pixel Watch 2 launched, there were very few reports or rumors that suggested Google was planning to introduce a second size for its Wear OS smartwatch. This year, as we inch closer towards the Pixel Watch 3, there’s a different vibe.

According to a source of 9to5Google, Google will offer the Pixel Watch 3 in two different sizes later this year.

Beyond what’s expected to be a larger watch with a larger display and battery, no details were provided that would indicate the two sizes will be too different from each other. To clarify, we shouldn’t expect a Pixel Watch 3 and Pixel Watch 3 Pro. This sounds more like two size options for the same device, similar to what Samsung has been doing with its Galaxy Watch lineup.

The Pixel Watch’s smaller size has been one of the downsides to the device. While it fits my tiny blogger wrists just fine, others out there have been hoping for years now that Google would introduce a larger model. It’s sounding like 2024 is your year.

Ready for a bigger Pixel Watch?

// 9to5Google

Via: droid-life.com

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