Philips Hue Lights Getting Brightness Balancer, More Motion Sensor Time Slots

New features are headed to the Philips Hue app and Hue Bridge later this year (Q3). All you Hue disciples, listen up.

Announced this week, a new Brightness Balancer will be made available to Hue bulbs, allowing users to tweak the relative brightness of individual lights within a certain Entertainment area. This is important because some bulbs in the same area may have higher lumen counts than others, so this new feature aims to fix any odd brightness issues you may have.

Detailed in the press release concerning this new feature, “This new feature was developed following requests from Philips Hue's users, many of whom wanted to have enhanced control of their lights while watching a movie, listening to music or .”

On top of that, an update headed for the Hue Bridge will increase the number of time slots for the motion sensors devices. The number is going from 2 to 10. That's a big jump, letting users have way more custom lighting settings based on time of day and routines. Additionally, the Natural light scene can be selected as part one of these time slots, to mimic the sun throughout the day.

Again, all of this new stuff will be available in Q3.

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