Oppo revolutionize the in-car charging with this 80W fast charger

just unveiled a brand-new, lightning-fast car charger. Its name, SuperVOOC 80W, indicates that it has an 80W of power. Enough to finish charging a 10 Pro to 100% in about one hour.

You may be aware that and its subsidiary frequently pioneer new rapid charging technologies. With the help of SuperVOOC technology in particular, the two manufacturers excel in this area. Oppo released the SuperVOOC 150W in March 2022; it is a 150W fast-charging device that can fully charge a 4500mAh battery in just 15 minutes.

Oppo, however, has chosen to incorporate its quick charging technology into a new SuperVOOC 80W vehicle charger. This accessory’s key selling point is that it includes two USB ports: a USB-A port and a USB-C port that also supports USB PD (for Power Delivery). With the help of this charging protocol, your devices may receive a powerful charge through USB-C cables and connections.

This standard has several benefits: Power up to 80W, Optimization of the power supply according to the devices and Intelligent and flexible power management, via an optional communication hub available on PC.

’s fast charging power in your car

This charger offers welcome variety, as highlighted by our friends from the Central website who have had a chance to use it for some time. While the USB-C port can only deliver 30W in USB PD 3.0, the USB-A port. Which supports SuperVOOC technology, can deliver 80W. The USB-A connector performs well on compatible devices. Such as the 10 Pro, allowing for a complete recharge in less than 45 minutes.

Additionally, ’s charger delivers performance comparable to a traditional 33 W USB PD wall charger on several devices, like the Nothing (1), the Galaxy Z Flip 4 or the S22 Ultra, owing to USB PD technology. Keep in mind that you can simultaneously use both ports, for instance to charge two cellphones.

The accessory from has the typical overcurrent and overvoltage precautions. As well as a mechanical fail-safe to cut off the power if it exceeds the thermal limits of your smartphone. It costs $49.99 and is offered on the official Oppo shop.

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