Oppo Developers Conference 2022 event starts on August 30, Here’s what to expect

has just announced the date for one of its major annual events. The company’s ODC 2022 event (Oppo Developers Conference) will be hosted around the end of this month. So let’s have a look at some of the expected announcements.

As per the official announcement, the theme of this year’s Developers Conference based around the core concept of integrating smart/intelligent living into all things. In simpler terms, the company basically plans on focusing on topics such as interconnection of multiple terminals and future smart services. Furthermore, the event will also include sharing its software and hardware for its developers and partners.

Looking at the poster shared by the Chinese tech giant, the Developers Conference 2022 event will kick off on August 30 and will be a two day event ending on August 31. During this event, the company will also be showcasing the ColorOS 13 build, which will be based on ’s latest 13 operating system.

Apart from this, there will also be focus on IoT (Internet of Things) products, their integration, innovations, and more. There will also be multiple talks related to expanding developer support and more news regarding upcoming technologies as well during this event. So stick around for more, as we will be covering any notable announcement that the brand might make during this event later this month.


Via: gizmochina.com

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