OpenEuler OS Reaches 3 Million Installations in Server Systems

had initially announced the openEuler program back in 2019 and launched in September 2021 as an open-source operating system for enterprise applications. It is based on the Linux kernel and is intended to be used as a platform for building cloud, edge, and IoT applications. OpenEuler offers a range of features, including support for multiple architectures, containerization, and a package manager for installing and managing software. Lastly, OpenEuler OS completes 3 million server device installations. Here are the details..

’s openEuler operating system has achieved a significant milestone, completing 3 million installations in server system units. Back in Operating System Industry Summit 2022, Huawei revealed that the OpenEuler installations mark reached 2.45 million units, which is equivalent to 22% of the total server operating system market in China.

According to ’s Executive Director of Huawei and director of the ICT Infrastructure Business Management Committee, by the end of December 2022, the number of enterprise members in the open-source openEuler community is expected to exceed 600.

OpenEuler has recently released version 22.09 version. It is the first innovative version after community donation, while the full code version 22.09 reached over 670 million lines and 20.12 million lines of new code. There are a total of 48000 lines of code added to the kernel so far. With the completion of 3 million installations in server system units is a proof to the success of openEuler and its growing popularity in the server operating system market. It is an exciting time for the Huawei, and the future looks bright for its operating system.




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