Oneplus Teases Its First-ever Mechanical Keyboard as Part of Its 9th-anniversary Celebrations

has marked its ninth anniversary with a teaser of its yet-to-be-released first-gen mechanical keyboard. This is part of the company’s broader plans to delve into PC accessories production. It outlined its plans to manufacture a mechanical keyboard with custom switches and gaskets, offering a unique typing experience.

The ninth-anniversary event of was held on December 17. The smartphone brand used the event to unveil its Featuring X range of accessories. They include peripherals and other PC accessories. The double gasket design of the mechanical keyboard comes with a custom sound for the product.

The device, according to OnePlus, offers all-day comfort when typing or gaming. The keyboard will come in a premium aluminum package made using the CNC process. The keyboard also features custom profiles and switches co-created with its fans.

The mechanical keyboard will be compatible with Linux, Windows, and macOS, although the wireless properties of the device are yet unknown. The layout of the new keyboard bears a semblance to that of a MacBook. The device will support open-source firmware and hot swaps for the switches. OnePlus expects to crowdsource the mechanical keyboard concept shortly, with a launch coming around February 2023.

OnePlus Mechanical Keyboard

There are still details about the mechanical keyboard concept of OnePlus. The company hopes the concept will receive a positive reception from the global community.

If plans go smoothly, the new mechanical keyboard could begin mass production by March or April 2023. Deliveries will then subsequently follow. OnePlus is affiliated with the rising global brand and expects to have entered the PC accessories terrain by its tenth anniversary.




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