OnePlus Tablet Launch Tipped Again

We have been hearing about releasing a tablet since mid-2021. For the past one and a half years, there have been multiple leaks regarding this product.

The last when we heard about it was in July 2022. A tech influencer revealed that the device has been delayed and it may release in early 2023.

Four months later, a reliable source now reiterates the same.


According to tipster Max Jambor, is developing a tablet. This product is scheduled to release next year. Unfortunately, this is all he has to say.

Previous reports revealed that OnePlus’ first tablet could go by Pad. They also suggested that it could be a better version of the Pad.

But now, it seems that may have abandoned that product. Else, the device should have been released by now.

Therefore, we believe that the tablet that is tipped to launch in 2023 could be a new product. At present, it’s not known whether it will be a unique device or a rebadged version of ’s current or upcoming tablet.

Whatever it turns out to be, we are looking forward to learning more about it in the coming weeks. If is indeed planning for a release, the device should start leaking via certifications, firmware, and even renders.

Until then, do let us know what you want from a -branded tablet in the comment section below.



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