OnePlus Keyboard Key Features Revealed, Confirmed To Launch In February 2023

Earlier this month, announced that it is partnering with popular keyboard maker KeyChron. Yesterday the brand revealed some key details about its first-ever mechanical keyboard. The company has also confirmed the availability of the PC accessory. It is a part of the OnePlus Featuring lineup. Read on to know what we know about the keyboard so far. 

The keyboard will feature an aluminium body for a premium experience. It is said to be meticulously crafted with ultra-precise CNC aluminium that guarantees a silky smooth feel. The upcoming PC accessory from the brand is confirmed to have a Double Gasket design ensuring a precisely calibrated and softer actuation paired with a satisfying sound. The keys are the most important element of a keyboard. OnePlus stated that the audible sound that we hear in mechanical keyboards is dampened while retaining a superior typing experience. 

The keyboard will pack customisable features including hot-swappable switches and flexible, open-source firmware. The former is said to offer fast and smooth changes of switches for unique personalisation. The open-source firmware will provide real-time control without reflashing firmware. With this, users can customise RGB lights and remap keys unlocking the keyboard’s full potential. 

The keyboard will serve as an all-in-one solution for users’ keyboard needs. It is designed to seamlessly work with Windows and Mac. The layout matches the MacBook keyboard. Additionally, the keyboard is also compatible with Linux. 

revealed that its first-ever keyboard will launch officially in February. The mass production will begin between March and May and it will go on sale from May 2023. 



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