OnePlus Files Patent For Ecosystem Products In India Under OnePlus Featuring

is aiming to expand its product portfolio. After launching smartphones since its inception, the brand has announced televisions, TWS earphones, and smart wearables in the last few years. The Chinese brand entered the PC segment with the launch of monitors earlier this month. OnePlus also announced a co-creation platform called ‘OnePlus Featuring’ where the company will work with different partners on new products. 

Now has filed a trademark for OnePlus Featuring. It has application number 5709699 and the trademark was filed on December 5th. The trademark application mentions various devices across different product categories. Some of these include smart speakers, smart glasses, remote control, monitors, webcams, network routers, computer peripherals, tablet computer, and more. It’s worth noting that a trademark filing doesn’t assure that the products will make it to the market, and hence it must be taken with a pinch of salt. 

Since has confirmed that it will work with different partners on new products, we can expect the brand to enter new product categories. The OnePlus Keyboard made in collaboration with popular keyboard maker Keychron will be the first device under the OnePlus Featuring initiative. It is confirmed to debut in February with sales commencing from May 2023. 

The Keyboard is confirmed to feature an ultra-precise CNC aluminium body for a premium experience. It will have a Double Gasket design for precise calibration and softer actuation. The device will pack customisable features including hot-swappable switches and flexible, open-source firmware. With this, users can customise RGB lights and remap keys unlocking the keyboard’s full potential. The OnePlus keyboard will serve as an all-in-one solution for users’ keyboard needs and it work with Windows, Mac, and Linux..



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