OnePlus Begins Tackling OnePlus 10 Pro Issues With Latest Update

Like any other new phone, the 10 Pro was shipped in the US with what could be labeled as a few software hiccups. Users have reported touchy fingerprint readers, wide angle camera issues, Auto problems, overheating, and a list of other things. This week, is continuing to address these issues, with update NE2215_11.A.13 now rolling out incrementally.

As detailed by OnePlus, the update includes an improved fingerprint algorithm for a higher success rate of fingerprint unlocking, better power consumption, improved communication quality (audio processing), front camera quality improvements, as well as network stability improvements.

Overall, it’s an important update, but do note that it doesn’t include an updated security patch level. We’re nearly into May and this phone continues to sit at March’s patch. OnePlus, we need to see software support for this phone, please.

If you own this device, look for this update to hit your device shortly.



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