OnePlus 12 Will Feature Silky Smooth Frame Rates and Graphics

announced this week that it is set to include the Pixelworks X7 Independent Visual Processor on the upcoming OnePlus 12. What does that mean? It means silky smooth performance and very high quality visuals.

The OnePlus 12 is already shaping up to be quite the mobile powerhouse, coming with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, as well as OnePlus' proprietary Trinity Engine. We were already expecting a display capable of 120Hz refresh rate, but thanks to this partnership between OnePlus and Pixelworks, everything on this phone is going to be smooth, not just your settings menu.

Here is OnePlus speaking on what the partnership means for OnePlus 12 buyers.

Through the partnership with Pixelworks, the HyperRendering feature on the OnePlus 12 has been fully activated to redefine the concept of immersive gaming. The incorporation of Pixelworks' dedicated X7 Independent Visual Processor empowers the OnePlus 12 to deliver 2K super-resolution and supreme clarity with remarkable efficiency. This includes silky-smooth motion quality at 120fps, ultra-low 10ms latency with imperceptible frame interpolation, intelligent real-time color calibration, and more.

OnePlus needs an exciting phone for the US market. Personally, it's been getting a little stale around here with and dominating everything, so my fingers are crossed that the OnePlus 12 is a solid device.

OnePlus 12 is scheduled to launch January 23 in the US.


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