Nothing reveals key features of the Phone (2)’s transparent charging cable

Earlier this week, the design for the USB Type C cable that will charge the Nothing Phone (2) was officially teased by the company’s CEO Carl Pei. Now, the key features of this unique cable has also been revealed ahead of the launch of its upcoming smartphone.

Nothing Phone (2)’s Type C cable took 2 years to develop

The company shared more details recently, which shows that the cable wasn’t easy to build. According to official notes, the team behind it had made over 20 design concepts, most of which were rejected by manufacturing partners as they were difficult to produce. Te brand also added that the cable with the transparent design took an overall development time of 2 years, which included the designing process and the materials.

Nothing Phone (2)’s charger uses an industry first molding technique to create an iron shell body that has no defects. To achieve this, the company had to stretch the material four times by annealing it at more than 1,000 degrees three times. All of this was done to get a design that was seamless with no lines or surface defects on the body. The shell is also pre-plated and sandblasted, with an electroless plating process helping in keep the surface scratch free.

Nothing made sure its cable passed through over 25 tests to ensure resistance and durability to the environment around us. This cable was even teased for being able to withstand bending more than 16,000 times, which is more than 60 percent higher than the general industry standards.



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