Nothing Phone (1) to soon get Paranoid Android Sapphire custom ROM

Last week, Nothing launched their hype beast of a smartphone called the Nothing Phone (1). The smartphone debuted with a decent spec sheet and unique features like the Glyph interface, making it an eye-catcher in the mid-range segment.

Nothing also released the kernel sources and the entire device tree making it convenient for third-party developers to create custom ROMs for the smartphone. Now, one of the most recognized names in the custom ROM development scene, Paranoid Android, has announced that they will soon release a custom ROM for the Nothing Phone (1).

Considering Paranoid ’s track record so far, we can expect a smooth, stable, and feature-rich ROM coming in the future. However, considering that the device just launched last week, the devs will likely take at least a few weeks before putting out an alpha (or beta) build of the Paranoid Android Sapphire based on Android 12.

The custom ROM and modding scene are currently in decline with being the last brand promoting custom development. With Carl Pei spearheading Nothing, the company has taken the same approach that OnePlus took when Pei was part of the company. This means that unlocking the Nothing Phone’s bootloader won’t void its warranty.



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