Nothing Phone (1) teardown video suggests it may be difficult to repair

Nothing‘s first smartphone, the Phone (1) sports a unique transparent design that provided sufficient buzz preceding its eventual launch. A new video that shows the Nothing Phone (1) being disassembled has surfaced. The video emanated from the YouTube channel PBK Reviews and outlined the teardown and reassembly of the Phone (1). It was taken apart bit by bit and then fixed back.

The disassembling process began by removal of the SIM module and then applying heat to soften the adhesive covering of the device. Other components were carefully removed with the moderator alerting users to be careful in the process. The flex cables, top speaker, wireless charging cable, and other components were carefully removed to gain access to the cameras. There are graphite heat dissipation components atop the main board. On the main board, there is a 50MP primary lens and a 50MP ultra-wide sensor. The 4,500mAh battery is removed and reveals an array of cables and components.

The replacement of the Phone (1) screen can be very complicated due to the processes before getting access to the screen. The Nothing Phone (1) gets a very low repairability score of 3 out of 10. The video is concluded by reassembling the device and it was successfully powered on.

The teardown/ reassembly video of the Phone (1) was quite comprehensive. All the components of the mid-range device were well explained and carefully taken apart. The device supports 33W wired and 15W wireless charging, with reverse charging also supported. The Phone (1) is also splash resistant and is priced at $745 for the 12GB+ 256GB model.



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