Nothing Phone (1) teardown reveals the secrets of Glyph’s interface as well as the total number of LEDs

Prior to launch, Nothing Phone (1) was hyped up for its transparent back panel design and the LED Glyph interface. Popular YouTuber JerryRigEverything who does comprehensive tests on smartphones did a teardown of the Nothing Phone (1) recently. It revealed the secrets of the device’s Glyph interface. Additionally, the YouTuber also uploaded the latest video that shows the count of the total LED lights. 

The teardown of the Nothing Phone (1) reveals the smartphone’s innards. The Glyph grid is made up of hundreds of tiny individual LED lights (more on this later). The Nothing Phone (1) features an entire assembly dedicated to the aesthetics of the device. The smartphone sports a glass back panel and upon removing it, there are several pieces of plastic that are simply glued with no screws holding them. The YouTuber adds that there are 10 silver screws that hold down the larger plastic segments. The diffuser strips on the Glyph LEDs are attached with high-precise sticky tape that hides the yellowish tint. If the sticker is removed, the LEDs emit a Blueish colour hue when they are lit instead of the standard White colour. 

Underneath all the plastic segments, the Nothing Phone (1) is just another phone. It has a wireless charging coil in the centre under the giant layer of plastic. The YouTuber says that individual components like LED lamps, buttons, ports, and battery are all replaceable however, it would require removing the rear panel’s adhesive and then dismantling the Glyph interface. 

In another video that was uploaded yesterday, JerryRigEverything counted all the LED lights on the back panel. Nothing claims that it used over 900 lights for the Glyph interface. And the count also turned out to be close. The YouTuber counted 468 LEDs in total and he soon realised that the LEDs are on the both sides of the strip. So doubling the count brought the actual number of LEDs present on the phone to 972. 



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