Nothing Phone (1) cannot achieve advertised 1200 nits brightness, Company explains why

The much-hyped Nothing Phone (1) debuted last month and since then the smartphone has been surrounded by a bunch of controversies. We have already seen numerous reports highlighting manufacturing defects in the phone. Now, a new issue related to the display of the smartphone is making headlines.

Nothing Phone (1) was launched with a 6.55-inch full-HD+OLED display that was claimed to reach a maximum brightness of 1200 nits. However, a ComputerBase report reveals that the Phone (1) can reach only up to 700 nits. The publication even tried to recreate very specific situations that might have been able to trigger the phone’s automatic brightness to reach up to the advertised amount but it still couldn’t get more than 700 nits brightness.

Other sites such as GSMArena and Heise have also confirmed that the Phone (1) is indeed not as bright as advertised.

ComputerBase contacted Nothing regarding this issue and was told that “the peak values ​​are around 700 nits for brightness. Nothing will adjust this in the future.” The publication claims that Nothing has also reduced the advertised brightness on its official website.

Nothing Phone (1) brightness

A report by XDA got a response from Nothing. The company states that “the hardware is capable of reaching up to 1,200 nits peak brightness, but this is currently capped by the software to 700 nits. This decision was made to ensure a balanced user experience regarding heat and battery consumption. We look forward to hearing from our users about this and will monitor feedback closely to understand if this should be addressed in future software updates.”

Judging from the statement, it seems unlikely that the company will increase the brightness to 1200nits. However, it may roll out an update to do so if the customers demand.



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