No Samsung Galaxy S22 FE this year: Rumor

’s Galaxy S21 FE has been a favorite for some and uninteresting for others. Whatever be the case, its successor was said to be in the pipeline this year. However, a new leak reveals that the Samsung Galaxy S22 FE may not actually happen.

According to a Korean blog, there’s a possibility that the Galaxy S22 FE will not be released this year. It is said that there’s no available development firmware for the smartphone, nor does the development team have any AP-related content for the device. As per Dohyun Kim, this is similar to the Galaxy Note 21’s situation where the sign of its availability was little to none.

As of now, there’s no official confirmation regarding this by the brand, so it’s recommended to take the information with a grain of salt.

Although the phone’s not arriving this year, we expect it to launch sometime later. Previous rumors have revealed that the phone could arrive with a Dimensity chipset. However, the most recent leaks opposed it and hinted that the phone could stick to Exynos or Snapdragon SoCs. At the moment, the exact chipset isn’t confirmed.

Other than the chipset, the S22 FE is expected to come with a similar design as the Galaxy S22. We aren’t sure whether it will go with the plastic shell like the S21 FE or have better-built quality. More details of the phone remain unknown.



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