New Moto Razr’s Cover Screen Measures in at 3.5-Inches

We’re getting what appears to be official word from Lenovo that the upcoming Moto Razr will feature a 3.5-inch cover display, a whopping size compared to cover displays we’ve seen on both past Razr devices as well as the Galaxy Z Flip 4.

On the last Moto Razr device, the cover display came in at 2.7-inches, so we’re getting a nearly inch larger display. Curious what that might look like? Look here, as we’ve seen leaked images of the devices. A Lenovo GM via Weibo states that the move of making the cover display larger is “paying homage to classics by surpassing it.”

The issue with these phones has always been the fact that in order to get anything done, you’d need to open it up and use the inside display. As these covers get larger and larger, their usability should only go up. With Lenovo bumping up the Razr up to 3.5-inches, this is a good thing.


// Weibo


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