New iPhones to come with Apple’s own microLED displays

currently relies on other manufacturers for screen supplies. However, it's recently been reported that Cupertino company works on its own panel tech for future devices. The first device with Cupertino company's new screens should be Apple Watch. After it, iPhones with microLED displays should be next in the line.

This new technology has many advantages over current OLEDs. It consumes less energy, which directly affects battery life. Another advantage could also be higher contrast. This will obviously result in better visibility under sunlight. There will probably be more advantages of the new tech too. It could improve overall quality and impression. iPhones with microLED displays will surely be the most popular devices with this new technology.

As Digitimes reports, Apple is developing this new technology on its own. Yet, it will eventually outsource the production to LG. This Korean manufacturer should have enough capacity to handle the requirements. currently delivers 70% of panels for production. LG and BOE take care of the rest.

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When will iPhones with microLED displays arrive?

Apple microLED for iPhone

The first gadget with such a panel is gonna be the new Watch, which will debut soon. Probably after the tech is ready for mass production. It could happen next year, or even in 2025. So, the first iPhones with microLED displays could be launched shortly after. Aside from the most popular phone in the world, iPad could also be in the line. Since this is Apple's patent, it will be interesting to see how the rest of the industry reacts. This kind of tech will surely have many advantages over AMOLED. The same applies to others if they don't figure out a way to respond properly.

The bad news is that this increases manufacturing costs. So, the new products will consequently be more expensive. If the new technology succeeds, the prices of the phones will continue to rise.


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