New Google Camera 9.0 for Pixel Phones Shows Up With New UI

A few weeks back, the Camera app from the upcoming Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro made its first appearance with a new UI and modes, leaving us wondering how long it might be before the rest of Google's Pixel line-up would see it. This week, a Google Camera 9.0 update has started making the rounds, possibly with an 14 requirement.

The Google News Telegram channel shared the update today, as well as an .apk file that could get the new 9.0 build up and running on your Pixel phone. It does appear to need Android SDK 34 at the minimum, so it may only work if your Pixel phone is running an Android 14 Beta (since stable Android 14 isn't out).

In a set of screenshots, we can see this Google Camera 9.0 includes the new switch to flip between photo and video modes, capture modes specific to each that now only show when in photo or video modes, quick settings accessed via swipe up, and the gallery and selfie buttons have been flip-flopped. There is a new themed icon too.

This new Google Camera is apparently arriving as If there really is that Android 14 requirement, that sort of suggests this new camera update won't officially arrive until stable Android 14 does, or maybe even with the launch of the Pixel 8. We aren't sure of the origination of this build, but it is now in the wild.

If you'd like to try and get it running, hit up that link below.

// Google News (Telegram)


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