New details on the charging speed of the Galaxy A55 and more

The upcoming Galaxy A55 won't be delivering any improvements in charging speed compared to its predecessor, the Galaxy A54. Now we know due to the official phone's 3C certification that has opted to maintain the 25W fast charging support.

The 3C certification has now shed light on the 25W fast charging capability. Even Samsung's premium foldable phones don't support the fastest 45W charging available for Galaxy smartphones.

Other Specifications: A Mixed Bag

The Galaxy A55 will retain the 5,000 mAh battery capacity of its predecessor. Suggesting that battery life should remain consistent. While no official details have been released regarding the camera specifications, it is likely that the Galaxy A55 will feature similar megapixel counts for the primary rear camera and the front-facing camera as the Galaxy A54.

The Highlight: Exynos 1480 Chipset with AMD-Powered GPU

The most notable upgrade in the Galaxy A55 is the integration of the Exynos 1480 chipset, which features an Xclipse 530 GPU developed in partnership with AMD. This marks the first time Samsung has incorporated an AMD-powered GPU into its mid-range smartphone lineup. The Xclipse 530 GPU will offer significantly better performance compared to the Mali GPU found in the Galaxy A54, providing a boost to and graphics-intensive tasks.

Ray Tracing: A Possible Omission

Despite the performance improvements, the Xclipse 530 GPU may not support ray tracing, a demanding graphics rendering technique that even high-end desktop graphics cards struggle with. Samsung may have opted to omit ray tracing support to keep the chipset's cost and power consumption in check.


The Galaxy A55 appears to be a modest upgrade over its predecessor. With the primary improvement being the integration of an AMD-powered GPU. While the lack of upgrade in charging speeds may be a disappointment to some, the overall package still offers a balance of features and affordability that is characteristic of the Galaxy A series.

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