Netflix Has Figured Out How To Make All Viewers Pay

One of the biggest problems Netflix and the likes faced was password sharing. This content streaming service had over 230 million subscribers worldwide. But according to its estimations, more than 200 mln of them share their passwords with 100 mln other people. In other words, the company loses 100 mln subscribers roughly. To prevent this, the company has been thinking about various methods. Now, it turns out that it will force viewers to connect to the main Wi-Fi in one household each month.

Will This Help Netflix Top Password Sharing?

Netflix will take this measure in the near future. It means that if someone shares the account with a friend, they will have to connect the device to the subscriber’s Wi-Fi once a month and turn on a TV show or movie. Of course, the “parent” owner of the account can still use several devices. But they should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

If the user does not connect to the main network within 31 days, the system will block access to the service until you connect or create a new account.

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As you understand, this measure could be successful in terms of preventing password sharing. But what the users should do if they travel a lot? For such cases, Netflix will give a temporary one-time code that is valid for 7 days.

Netflix will look at the device’s IP address, gadget IDs, and account activity to detect attempts to cheat the system.

Earlier, Netflix has been testing another option to prevent password sharing. What the company did was requesting payment for sharing passwords. As a reminder, we heard that starting in 2023, customers who share their account with a relative who is not a member of their household will start paying a few extra dollars each month. In other words, users would have been allowed to create sub-accounts with its own logins, playlists, and content suggestions.

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