Motorola’s New Edge+ Phone Available March 24

The new Edge+ (2022) finally has a release date and it’s a good thing that we’re finding out today. The new high-end Edge+ phone from Motorola goes on sale March 24, as in, this week.

Starting Thursday, you can buy the Edge+ (2022) at Best Buy, Amazon, and ’s own store. We’re talking about the universally unlocked version here that should work on all major US carriers. The unlocked model will cost $999, but with a limited time launch promo, will drop by $100 to $899.

For Verizon folks, a special Verizon variant will also be available on March 24. The Verizon model will cost $849 at full retail or can be had through one of their 3-year contracts for $23.62/mo. They also have deals from BOGO to trade-in discounts that all vary depending on your situation.

Need a recap on the new Edge+? We’ve got you right here.


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