Microsoft Xbox Series S Price Hiked Up in India Again

The Xbox Series S was first introduced by in the year 2020. The cost of the devices in India was made public a few days after the global announcement. At the time of its debut, the company set the pricing of the console in the nation at INR 34,999. Since then, there have been two price hikes for the product on the market. The last price hike raises the cost from INR 34,999 to INR 37,999 in August 2022. The price of the gadget has now increased for the third time in the nation. You did hear correctly. In India, the cost of the Xbox Series S has risen once more.

Although has not provided a clear explanation for its actions, it is likely due to the declining value of the Indian rupee relative to the US dollar. Recently, the INR fell to an all-time low value in contrast to the US dollar. A game analyst named Rishi Alwani claims that the cost of the Microsoft Xbox Series S has increased in India. The item will now set you back a staggering INR 39,999 in the country. Over the official launch price, the most recent pricing has seen an increase of more than 5%.

The console may presently be purchased in the country from Amazon, Flipkart, and e2z e-commerce platforms. After discounts and coupons, Amazon is currently offering the console for INR 31,799, which is at a cheaper price point. Unexpectedly, the e2z store is selling the console for INR 24,999, which is almost INR 15,000 less than the most recent price hike. Consequently, if you want to purchase one. You should head out straight away and reserve a unit for yourself.

We do not know when these rates will be applicable. As the hiked prices have been announced, the price of devices may get updated in a few days or possibly in a couple of hours itself. Consequently, if the gadget is affordable when you read the articles. You may recommend it to someone who desired to buy it before the price increases. That was it regarding the Xbox Series X pricing increase. What do you think about this? Please share with us in the comments area below.



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