Meta Fixes Facebook Bug Responsible for Sending Automatic Friend Requests

Nobody is perfect, including Facebook. I always tell my students that no technology in the world works without bugs. There was an old Russian film in which a gangster trying to kidnap a human-like robot called Electronic says, “Everyone has a button.” This figurative prologue was written to say that no technology company can provide all-time stable performance. In case you are not aware, a few days ago, a Facebook bug sent friend requests to all the profiles you visited. This morning, Meta announced that it's fixed.

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In fact, I have experienced this activity on several occasions. I mean, friends of my friends were accepting requests as if I had sent them requests. In fact, I hadn't even touched the button to request friendship. Anyway, a few days ago, many users reported a strange Facebook bug that extended their circle without their permission.

Facebook Bug Fixed

Now, Meta claims to have fixed the problem that caused the social network to send friend invitations whenever users visited any profile. In a statement shared with The Daily Beast, Meta expressed regret for the error. They said the bug appeared after the update. “We've stopped this from happening and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.” (By the way, the Facebook Messenger app stopped working on one of my phones after a recent update. I have had to wipe everything.)

The glitch caused both laughter and confusion. Many people noticed that it was difficult to ‘stalk' other users on Facebook due to a technical glitch. Plus, some discovered that Facebook was issuing friend invitations to people they had intended to ban. We should also note that the discovery of the flaw comes on the heels of Facebook's announcement that 10,000 employees will be laid off. By the end of 2023, the company will have reduced its workforce by at least 21,000 as part of Mark Zuckerberg's ‘Year of Efficiency'.

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