Maserati reveals new luxury EV line, projects 2030 for shift to all-electric lineup

Italian luxury automaker Maserati has unfurled its plans to go all-electric by the turn of the decade. Maserati has also unveiled its electric luxury EV lineup called the Maserati Folgore. The Maserati Gran Turismo sports coupe will be the company’s first EV and the early teasers are indeed mouthwatering.

The Gran Turismo EV will be an interesting luxury EV that could draw comparisons with the highly successful Levante and some of Maserati’s best-selling models. The company has outlined its plans to transit to all-EV manufacturing by 2030, but by 2025 it hopes to have produced EV versions of its current vehicles.

Although in the words of Maserati CEO, Davide Grasso, the company hopes to phase out sales of internal combustion vehicles by 2030, this would depend on individual markets and customer demands. Grasso feels the impact of the company’s shift to all-electric production will be felt differently in the different markets. He says the move will affect different parts of the world with a different type of speed, depending on how quickly sustainability presented by electric technology is embraced. Maserati Gran Turismo sports coupe

Maserati is positing that it will be the first luxury brand to have transited all its products to EV by 2025, which is barely three years away. It remains to be seen how the company intends to accomplish this goal, given the uncertainty that still surrounds some aspects of the EV manufacturing process. The global chip shortage had a great effect in distorting the outlook of several brands. Among some of the popular luxury brands, the shift to EV manufacture has been quite cautious but Maserati seems on track to achieve its goals.



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