Major Changes Ahead: Redesigned Apple MacBook Air Is Coming Soon!

has already announced its plans to bring out OLED technology to its MacBook and iPad Pro lineup in the future. However, according to a brand new report, Apple is already working on a redesigned MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. And as you can guess, the new models will come with an OLED panel.

But the most interesting model among the two would be the MacBook Air. Previously, fans speculated that Apple would update the 13.6-inch MacBook Air M2 with an OLED panel. But the latest report suggests that Apple is revamping the overall size and the design of the new Air model.

Smaller Apple MacBook Air Is on Its Way

Apple released the M2 MacBook Air back in June last year. It came with an M2 chip and had a bigger overall display than its predecessor. To be exact, that model made the Air models make a jump from 13.3-inch displays to 13.6-inch panels. And considering the power of the M2, that panel size shift made a lot of sense.

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Well, now, Apple wants to take a step back. According to display analyst Ross Young, Apple is preparing to launch a new MacBook Air with OLED with a 13.4-inch display. In other words, the new model will be in the middle of the MacBook Air lineup, with the 13.3-inch model before and the 13.6-inch model after.

Apple MacBook Air M2

However, the tweet from the analyst did not offer any exact details regarding the time frame. But Young did previously mention that Apple has plans to launch the brand new iPad Pro and MacBook Air models sometime next year. That means the brand new Air model with an OLED screen might come out in 2024.

On the other hand, Apple might wait on the Apple MacBook Pro until 2026. Wondering what Apple is doing at this point? Its display partners are now prepping up OLED panels for the new iPads.

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