LG launches 14kg Mijing washing machine: reduces clothing damage by 30% and is also 25% power efficient

LG Electronics just launched a new Mijing washing machine with an upgraded 14kg capacity (originally 10.5kg). It comes with a 555mm large barrel diameter and an ultra-thin flush-mounted design with a body of only 585mm. The barrel is made of stainless steel, which also makes it more safe for your clothes with delicate fabric.

Wash your clothes in just 39 minutes

The Mijing washing machine comes in a white color and a steel drill glass door and supports multiple application scenarios. According to the company, their new product also reduces clothing damage by 30% and is also 25% power efficient.

This washing machine utilizes 5th generation “AI direct-drive frequency conversion” technology, which helps it sense the softness or type of the fabric and adjust the frequency accordingly. It also comes with a 360-degree fast clean spray, 39-minute fast clean, 90°C high-temperature steam washing, steam sterilization, and mite removal. The 360° quick-clean spray has 4 variable-frequency multi-dimensional three-dimensional water outlets for circulating spraying, which automatically adjusts the water flow intensity according to the distribution of clothes in the drum

In addition, the Mijing washing machine uses a new generation of steel-drill glass doors, which not only look beautiful and transparent but will also remain shiny over a longer period of usage. There is also a full stainless steel lifter to stretch clothes and prevent entanglement, which is durable and hygienic.

The Mijing washing machine runs is powered by a variable frequency motor, a BLDC variable frequency spray water pump, and a BLDC variable frequency drainage pump. It generates less vibration and noise, and is also energy efficient as it uses BLDC equipment. You get six different washing modes with this machine.

Pricing and availability:

The product is listed on JD.com with a price tag of 7,999 Yuan (~$1125). You can also check the availability of this washing machine in your region from the company’s official website.

Via: gizmochina.com

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