LG announces new Styler with handheld steamer and advanced features

The 2024 LG Styler garment care closet offers a new approach to clothing care, combining wrinkle removal with features aimed at sanitation and hygiene.

The Styler utilizes steam and gentle shaking to de-wrinkle clothes, leaving them ready to wear. But this model goes beyond mere aesthetics. Let’s learn more about it here.

LG Styler 2024 overview

One notable feature of this Styler is Dual TrueSteam technology that utilizes two independent steam generators. This allows for precise control over steam intensity, ensuring gentle care for delicate fabrics like silk and cashmere while effectively tackling wrinkles on tougher garments.

LG Styler 2024-1

For those seeking enhanced hygiene, it comes with a new “Sanitary Cycle” feature powered by steam. This cycle claims to eliminate up to 99.99% of 11 tested germs like corona, flu, cold, and hepatitis viruses. It can also neutralize bed bugs to keep the family safe. This could be valuable for healthcare workers, parents, or anyone prioritizing hygiene.

Meanwhile, the Dynamic Moving Hanger system offers personalized care for various clothing types. Its twisting and shaking motions go beyond dust removal, deodorizing, drying, and aiding in wrinkle reduction.

This system also contributes to specialized cycles like the Fine Dust cycle, which removes both large and fine particles with up to 350 shakes per minute.

Beyond individual garments, the Styler acts as a dehumidifier, removing up to 10 liters of moisture from the air per day. This can create a more comfortable environment while potentially preventing mold and bacteria growth.

While the 2024 Styler arrives later this year, there are a bunch of alternative options available for garment hygiene. Laundry sanitizers, particularly in public laundry settings, can offer an interim solution.

Still, LG Styler 2024 presents a multifaceted approach to garment care, addressing both wrinkles and hygiene concerns. This model may appeal to users seeking convenience, freshness, and potentially enhanced sanitation.


Via: gizmochina.com

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