Lenovo Xiaoxin 2023: Pro, Air, and Digital Series Teased

Lenovo has recently announced that it will be releasing a range of new laptops in 2023. According to reports, the company will unveil five new models as part of the Xiaoxin series, which includes the Digital Series, the Pro Series, and the Air Series.

Lenovo Xiaoxin Series set to release three new models in 2023

Lenovo has teased its Xiaoxin 2023 product line for notebooks, which includes three categories: Pro, Air, and digital. The Xiaoxin digital series will feature the Xiaoxin 14 and Xiaoxin 16, which are known for their “true and reliable” performance, popular 16:10 aspect ratio, long battery life, and multiple interfaces.

The Xiaoxin Air series ultrabooks are designed to be thin and light, and will be equipped with a “super good” screen and silent tuning. The Xiaoxin Pro series, on the other hand, focuses on high performance and will feature a high refresh rate screen, stronger performance, and a variety of interfaces.

The AMD version of the new IdeaPad Pro notebook will be available with processors such as the R5 7535HS, R7 7735HS, R5 7640HS, and R7 7840HS, while the Core version will be available with 13th-generation Intel Core processors like the i7-13700H and i5-13500H. In terms of graphics cards, the IdeaPad Pro 5 series will be available with the Nvidia RTX 3050 6GB and RTX 4050. These notebooks can also be equipped with 32GB LPDDR5 memory and a 1TB SSD.

According to Lenovo’s overseas news, the Ryzen Edition of the IdeaPad Pro 5 14 and IdeaPad Pro 5 16 will be available in May 2023, with prices starting at 1099 Euros (approximately 8133 RMB). The Core Edition will be available in April of next year, with prices starting at 1199 Euros (approximately 8873 RMB).



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