Leak Spills Google Pixel Phones Roadmap From 2023 Until 2025

Leak Spills <a href="https://diacelular.com/tag/google/" class="st_tag internal_tag " rel="tag" title="Posts tagged with Google">Google</a> Pixel Phones Roadmap From 2023 Until 2025

Leak Spills Pixel Phones Roadmap From 2023 Until 2025

BY Ronil

Published 23 Dec 2022



Pixel smartphones usually go through a steady stream of leaks in the months leading toward the official launch event. Those closely following the recent Google events would know the company gives a preview of its upcoming gears well in advance to steal the spotlight from leakers. The most recent example would be the Google Pixel Tablet’s appearance in a Pixel portfolio promotional video despite being months away from seeing the light of day. However, that didn’t stop leakers from sharing details about future product launches and renders now and then. And the latest one comes in the form of an entire roadmap of future Pixel phones to release from 2023 until 2025. It’ll be interesting to see how Google copes with this one.

After thoroughly vetting the information, folks over at Authority posted every possible device that big G could release in the next few years and credited an anonymous trustworthy source. Readers must note that plans are subject to change, especially when looking this far ahead.

What to expect from Future Pixel Lineup

For 2023: The mountain-based giant plans a I/O event in April or May to introduce the Pixel 7a (codename “lynx”) and Pixel Fold (codename “felix”). Per the report, the Pixel 7a will retail at the same price as its predecessor, at $499 in the US. Expect a 90Hz HRR display and wireless charging support on the 7a. It further makes the previously leaked $1,799 price tag for the first Google foldable phone even more convincing. 

Later in 2023, we’ll witness the Pixel 8 line of smartphones, which won’t be much different from their predecessors in design. However, the vanilla model will spot a slightly smaller display than the Pixel 7, while the Pro model will keep the same size as the 7 Pro. They will draw power from a new chipset, likely marketed as Tensor G3 SoC. 

For 2024: The 8a could be the first Pixel phone for 2024, but its launch depends on the Pixel 7a’s sales success or downfall. If it does break cover, expect to pay a little more for it than its predecessor — $499 instead of $449. Furthermore, the Pixel 9 family will have three members — a standard 9 with the same size as the 8, a 9 Pro with a 6.7-inch screen, and a Pro-level unit with a 6.3-inch display with all features of the Pro variant. All devices will pack a new SoC, the Tensor G4. Besides this, there could be a new foldable, but only if the Pixel Fold sets the sales chart on fire. 

For 2025: Apparently, the search giant will either stick with three Pixels (like 2024) alongside a flip-style foldable or four candy-bar form-factor Pixels — both vanilla and Pro models in small and large sizes. 

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