Komaki DT 3000 with up to 180km range & LY e-scooters launched in India

Komaki has added two new electric scooters to its fast-expanding lineup in India. The Komaki LY and Komaki DT 3000 e-scooters offer speed and performance, among other premium features. The new e-scooters also come with some industry-leading innovations and a minimum price of Rs. 88,000 ($1,134).

The Komaki LY is the first e-scooter in India to have anti-skid capabilities. It offers Ferro Phosphate batteries that can give a range of up to 90km. It also features disc brakes on both wheels, a telescopic shock absorber, and a hydraulic shock absorber at the front and rear respectively. The Komaki LY has 12-inch wheels and is available in Garnet Red, Jet Black, and Metal Grey color options.

Komaki DT 3000
Komaki DT 3000 e-scooter

The Komaki DT 3000 has a 52Ah lithium-ion battery which powers its 3kW BLDC electric motor. The Komaki DT 3000 has a top speed of 90km/h and a range of 180km on a full charge. The Komaki DT 3000 is obviously the higher model between the two. Its unique lithium-ion battery is one of the standout features of the DT 3000. It can be charged via a 15amp wall-mounted charger for about 4.5 hours. Four color options are available for the Komaki DT 3000 – blue, grey, black, and red.

Komaki LY
Komaki LY e-scooter

The lower-priced Komaki LY costs Rs. 88,000 ($1,134) while the Komaki DT 3000 will go for Rs. 1.22 lakh ($1,572). Komaki now has 20 two- and three-wheeler EV models in the Indian market. The wholly-Indian brand continues to ride on the back of deliberate policies by the government, which is driving the EV revolution in India. It hopes to further shore up its share of the market with the two new e-scooter offerings.


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