Kimos Thermos, a Rechargeable Self-heating Thermos Launched on Indiegogo

Kimos has launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for a truly revolutionary product. The Kimos self-heating thermos is claimed to be the world’s first thermos with self-heating capability. These devices provide heating within a few minutes after pressing a button. The Kimos Thermos boils water in under three minutes.

According to Dvir Amir, founder of Kimos, the idea for the self-heating thermos came from a desire to drink hot beverages on the go and an observed gap in the market. The Kimos is a culmination of three years of hard work in developing the self-heating thermos. It has a leak-proof design and it is a perfect item for outdoor activities, travel, and a whole lot of scenarios.

The Kimos is a fast and convenient way to heat beverages anytime and anywhere. The heating takes about 3 minutes to boil and retention lasts up to 4 hours. The Kimos has a fast-charging capability via USB and consists of durable materials. It has a stainless-steel lining, a rubberized exterior, and a dustproof/ waterproof power button.

Kimos Thermos

The Kimos comes with a patented safety mechanism that prevents it from functioning in the absence of liquid inside the thermos. A LED indicator shows the remaining number of boils are based on the battery’s status. The company says that the fast-charging time of the thermos is a key differentiating factor from the market. It also prevents spills and overburning. It is small, lightweight, and comes in handy when outdoors and you need to have a hot beverage.

Kimos Thermos

The Kimos features heat insulation that gives you a comfortable grip and is available in three colors – red, orange, and black. The Indiegogo campaign retail price for the Kimos starts at $89 but the original pricing starts from $130.



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