It is Now Easier to Use Nearby Share for Transferring Files between Your Own Devices

Nearby Share has been the equivalent of Apple’s AirDrop feature, but it isn’t as seamless. Nearby Share feels clunky at times and lacks on some fronts. For instance, it doesn’t allow you to share files to your own devices. An improvement in this aspect has finally arrived.

Usually, if you want to transfer files from one of your devices to another, you would need to pick up both, initiate a transfer from one device, and approve the request on the other device. However, it isn’t easy to use this system all the time, especially when the second device isn’t within easy reach.

Bundled with the new Play Services v22.15 for May, Nearby Share gets a new capability to move files between two devices via Bluetooth if they are connected to the same Google account. The feature works with Auto devices, Android TVs, Chromebooks, Windows PCs, and smartphones and tablets running Android. The most significant improvement is that you won’t need to manually authenticate the transfer on the second device.

Dubbed self-sharing, the feature was first spotted in development last month by Esper senior technical editor Mishaal Rahman. In a tweet, he also demonstrated how the feature works.

The latest update for Play Services started rolling out on May 2. While Google Play Services can be updated through the Play Store, you can find Google Play System updates under Settings > About phone > version > Play System Update on your device. Other minor improvements bundled in this update are a redesigned Help app.

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