Instagram Repost Is Coming Soon

Instagram, one of the most popular social media apps in the world is preparing to bring a new feature. This new feature will allow users to repost a post that has been posted by another user. This new feature was first spotted by social media analyst, Matt Navarra. Navarra shared a screenshot of this new Instagram feature on Twitter.

In the image he shared, you could see the usual old tabs on your Instagram profile. However, there was a new tab which accompanies the old tabs. It is labeled ‘Reposts’. What this tab will do is that, it will keep all posts that you reposted so you can easily distinguish between them and your original posts.

Instagram Reacts To The Speculations Of Instagram Repost

As speculations were going around on Social Media, Instagram came out to confirm that, they are indeed working on the Instagram Repost feature. As a matter of fact, development had already reached the testing phase. Their statement read…

We’re exploring the ability to reshare posts in Feed – similar to how you can reshare in Stores – so people can share what resonates with them, and so original creators are credited for their work[…] We plan to test this soon with a small number of people.

Even though Twitter and TikTok already have their own ‘Repost’ feature, Instagram seems to have lagged behind on this. The only way to share posts on Instagram currently is to post them in your Instagram story. This way is not as effective as those that Twitter and Tiktok use as Instagram stories vanishes after 24hrs.

Instagram Repost

How Will The Repost Function Work?

What this new ‘Repost’ feature will do is to share the post to Instagram feeds and Reels so that your followers can see as they scroll through their time-line. However, the original owner of the post will get the credit for the post.

The Instagram repost function will be in the share menu of all Instagram Posts and Reels. So if you view a user’s post or Reel that you find interesting, you can also share it to your followers as a post or a Reel. You can even add your own captions before reposting.

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