Infinix’s Path to Success: Insights from the CEO [Interview]

We recently had the opportunity to interview Benjamin Jiang, the Chief Executive Officer of Infinix Mobility, following the company's achievement in surpassing Q3 2023 targets with the largest year-over-year increase in global smartphone shipments.

In our interview, Mr. Jiang revealed the key strategies behind Infinix's success, emphasizing user engagement, innovation, strategic collaborations, and a multifaceted marketing approach. We explored Infinix's focus on youth preferences, its ambitions in established markets, and the pivotal role of strategic partnerships, notably with events like the Venice International Film Festival.

Additionally, Mr. Jiang provided insights into the future of visual storytelling through smartphones and the unique features catering to mobile gamers, showcasing Infinix's commitment to staying at the forefront of the tech industry. Keep on reading to get all the details from the interview.

Question 1

Infinix has achieved remarkable growth, securing a spot among the top 10 global smartphone brands. Can you share the key strategies that played a pivotal role in this achievement, especially considering the competitive landscape of the smartphone industry?

Answer from Benjamin Jiang, CEO of Infinix

“Absolutely, we deeply engage with our users, crafting products that align with their preferences and ensuring a positive experience. A prime example is the GT 10 Pro, launched this year, tailored to elevate the experience for the Gen Z.

Innovation is at our core, focusing on long-term solutions for user needs. Amid industry trends, we introduced the Infinix All-Round FastCharge, meeting diverse charging needs based on real user insights, evident in the success of the NOTE 30 series.

Infinix NOTE 30 VIP Racing Edition

And collaboration is pivotal, and our partnerships with industry leaders bring top-notch features and experiences. From Sound by JBL to a voice assistant powered by ChatGPT, we strive for excellence.

In marketing, our September launch of the ZERO 30 Series on the occasion of Venice Film Festival reflects our commitment. Through strategic partnerships and endorsements, we convey the message that everyone can master self-expression through film.

In essence, our multifaceted approach aims not just at product appreciation but establishing a profound connection with our users.”

Question 2

The focus on youth preferences has been a cornerstone of Infinix's success. How does the company continually adapt to the ever-evolving demands of the youth market, and what market research or insights guide Infinix's product development decisions?

Answer from Benjamin Jiang, CEO of Infinix

“To put this simply, understanding our users is core to everything at Infinix. Our team actively travels, connecting with local consumers and tapping into the creative pulse of the younger generation. This approach has shaped Infinix's journey over the past decade.

Take the GT series, for example. Our research highlighted the popularity of mobile gaming among budget-conscious young individuals. Addressing this, the Infinix GT 10 Pro redefines gaming smartphone standards, offering a top-tier gaming experience at accessible price points.

GT 10 Pro

Our investigations also revealed a common frustration – intrusive ads and bloatware in existing gaming phones. In response, the GT Series provides a streamlined experience, meeting the needs of underserved mobile gamers.

Operating in over 70 countries, we understand the diversity in consumer preferences. Continuous consumer learning is key, fostering an environment where insights are shared. At Infinix, tradition meets innovation in our annual recognitions, including the “Outstanding User Perception Award”. This underscores our commitment to understanding users' needs, a core tenet of our culture.”

Question 3

Infinix acknowledges the importance of venturing into developed markets as a long-term goal. Can you share insights into the challenges and opportunities the company anticipates in established markets and how Infinix plans to differentiate itself in these regions?

Answer from Benjamin Jiang, CEO of Infinix

“So our move into new markets is driven by a commitment to serve underserved consumers in developing countries and regions. This journey has taken us from our roots in Africa to vibrant, emerging markets across MENA and the Asia Pacific.

Infinix Zero 30 5G Rome Green

Unlike developed markets that heavily rely on established carrier partnerships, Infinix, with a youth-centric approach, prioritizes user experience at the forefront. Since customer experience has always been our utmost importance, so our product definition actively seeking customers' feedback for constant upgrades based on real needs. We're also aligning with the lifestyle of the young generation to guide our global expansion, like maximizing e-commerce as our main platform for entering new markets. Strategic partnerships, like teaming up with TikTok, aim to provide top-quality content that engages local youngsters.”

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Question 4

Infinix's strategic partnerships with prestigious events like the Venice International Film Festival have been instrumental in expanding the brand's presence. How do these collaborations contribute to Infinix's overall brand strategy, and what specific outcomes or benefits have been observed from such partnerships?

Answer from Benjamin Jiang, CEO of Infinix

“Infinix's collaborations with prestigious events like the Venice International Film Festival align with our mission to empower today's youth. It's not just about technological advancements but also inspiring new lifestyles and creative thinking. Our partnership theme, “New Image New Life” at the Venice Film Festival Forum sets a precedent for brand collaborations. It highlights our commitment to pushing boundaries in technological innovation and creative expression, shaping the future of filmmaking and encouraging the aspirations of youngsters eager to express themselves. As the Infinix brand expands, we're evolving into a lifestyle brand, seamlessly integrating both technological and lifestyle needs.”

Infinix 3D Lighting Leather

Question 5

The emphasis on storytelling through smartphone video is evident in Infinix's collaboration during the Venice International Film Festival. How does Infinix envision the role of smartphones in shaping the future of visual storytelling, and what innovations can we expect in this regard in future products?

Answer from Benjamin Jiang, CEO of Infinix

“Absolutely, smartphone videos are undeniably shaping the future of content creation and storytelling, and platforms like TikTok have played a significant role in this transformative shift. The younger generation is keen on capturing self-aware moments and sharing their life stories. Thanks to the Infinix ZERO 30, making professional-quality videos has become more accessible to everyone, empowering individuals to share their stories and attitudes with the world.

Infinix Zero 30 5G Purple

For instance, our team in Indonesia utilized the ZERO 30 to create a impactful film addressing school violence. The response was fantastic, sparking meaningful discussions. Infinix is committed to staying at the forefront of visual storytelling trends. We're thrilled about introducing more exciting features in the upcoming ZERO generation, ensuring that everyone can effortlessly share their lives and unique stories with the world through the art of videos.”

Question 6

Infinix has designated the GT 10 Pro as the device dedicated to the PUBG Mobile Global Championship. How does the company approach partnerships with gaming platforms? Also, what unique features can we expect from upcoming smartphones that will cater to the demands of mobile gamers?

Answer from Benjamin Jiang, CEO of Infinix

“We are deeply invested in enhancing users' gaming experiences, and our collaborations within the gaming ecosystem underscore our commitment. An excellent example is the GT 10 Pro, where we collaborated with game developers to elevate the refresh rates on popular games like MLBB, PUBG, and FreeFire. Unlike regular phones with 60Hz FPS, the GT 10 Pro boasts impressive rates of 90-120Hz.

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On the marketing front, we've made impactful moves, such as sponsoring the PMGC tournament. It's not just about global exposure for Infinix but also about engaging a younger audience and infusing an energetic atmosphere into the gaming community.

Our team is all about the spirit of gaming and the ethos of esports, approaching it with genuine passion. The organizers of PMGC have consistently recognized Infinix as the most professional among all official partners.”

Question 7

Infinix's commitment to cost-effectiveness is notable. How does the company navigate the delicate balance between offering affordable products and maintaining profit margins, and are there specific cost-effective manufacturing or supply chain strategies that contribute to this balance?

Answer from Benjamin Jiang, CEO of Infinix

“Unfortunately, we'll have to skip this question as it involves intricate details about systematic management and strategic partners in the industry, making it challenging to provide a simple answer here.”

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About Benjamin Jiang and Infinix

Benjamin Jiang, an accomplished leader in the consumer electronics sector, took the helm at Infinix as CEO in 2013. With a deep understanding of mobile and smart hardware industries, combined with his extensive multinational management background, he successfully introduced the ZERO, NOTE, HOT, SMART, and GT smartphone series. His remarkable leadership drove Infinix's excellence in product development and marketing. In over 70 countries, Infinix products, known for empowering youth, have made a strong impact. Under his guidance, Infinix remains a pioneer in innovation and technology.

In 2021, the Infinix 160W concept phone made waves globally. The following year, the ZERO 20 smartphone won the “Best Innovation Award” from an international CMF design competition. Infinix was also recognized as a “Chinese Globalization Rising Star” by Kantar's BrandZ that year, and in the latest release of “Top 50 Chinese Globalization Brands,” it secured the 45th position in 2023.

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