I’m Buying Spigen’s Lite Fit Pixel Watch Band for $15

The Pixel Watch 3rd party watch band options are still not great almost a year after the wearable launched. still sells its decent range of bands, but most are extremely expensive. If you try and find cheaper alternatives on Amazon, they are typically awful. And that's putting it nicely. Like, I've purchased so many and the materials, fits for the watch adapters, and overall vibes are just bad.

So when this new Spigen Lite Fit watch band was spotted and shared by 9to5Google, I immediately ordered one.

For one, the price is absurdly good at $14.99 on Amazon. Spigen sells it directly for $25, but why would you do that? Second, it looks really nice, is made of nylon, so it should be comfortable to wear, and they added zinc alloy hardware to spice it up. It also comes with attached adapters to help it slide into place through Google's bad Pixel Watch band system. And finally, it's made by Spigen, who has made some of the best accessories in the tech space for longer than I can remember, typically with quality above others.

This band should wear well in any situation, but I'm looking forward to it as a replacement for the active band that Google shipped with the Pixel Watch. While that active band is super comfortable, I'll never get over the reaction it caused on my wrist last year and can't bring myself to wear it. And again, no 3rd party bands have yet met the standards I require from a watch band. I'm hoping this does and am leaning towards believing it will.

Oh, this band is likely to fit on the upcoming Pixel Watch 2 as well. I can't imagine Google introduced yet another custom adapter system that wouldn't just work with all of the already-made Pixel Watch bands out there. So I'm going to wear this for a bit and then immediately slap it on the Pixel Watch 2 in under a month.

Also…$15? Come on.

Amazon Link

Via: droid-life.com

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