Hurry Up, $200 Off Pixel 7 Pro Deal Ends in a Few Days

's deal on the Pixel 7 Pro, which is $200 off any storage option and brings the phone down to as little as $699, is about to expire on June 18.

If you have had your eye on this particular device, you'll also be happy to learn that many retailers are honoring this pricing, including Amazon and Best Buy. That means you could have your new phone in-hand as soon as today. I love the future.

As for buying a new Pixel device just months ahead of the next-gen model, when it comes to the Pixel line, it's not as awful an idea as some may think. Google is not exactly know for making massive changes year-over-year, so if you're fine with not having the latest and greatest, the Pixel 7 Pro is still one helluva buy and will get plenty of software updates.

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