Huawei is Working on a Dynamic Island Feature Similar to Apple

The iPhone 14 series was introduced last September. Apple, which usually releases phones with a similar design every year, made a significant change and eliminated the notch in its Pro models. It was replaced by the ‘Dynamic Island‘, which houses the front camera and Face ID sensors. This change, made by the company, was well received by users, and other manufacturers started to work on similar devices. was the first to take the step for the ‘Dynamic Island’. Here are the details…

to launch its own Dynamic Island feature

Similar to the iPhone 14 lineup, the Nova 11 series will adopt a new pill shape cutout screen and it is the first time to equip in a Huawei smartphone. The Chinese tech giant has been employing various punch-hole techniques for a long time.

The most popular of these is the single hole or pill-shaped camera placement in the top left corner of the screen. However, for the first time, will position its cameras in the middle, similar to ’s ‘Dynamic Island‘.

Nova 11 series will bring out the XMAGE camera system and it’s likely that the company will get you a better photography user experience. The Dynamic Island feature in question is expected to offer similar functionality to Apple.

Unfortunately, for now, we do not have any information other than the design of the phone. It is possible to say that it will come with HarmonyOS just like other current models. However, we will continue to inform you when there is a development on the subject.




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