Huawei Helps Create 5G New Calls – Subvert Phone Calls and Video Chats

Chinese manufacturing giant, is one of the major players in the development of . The company in collaboration with Jiangsu Mobile announced recruitment for 5G New Calls testers. Jiangsu Mobile will give users 5G mobile phones that can offer 5G New Calls. Users can have up to 200-minute video call rewards. After the testing, these users will submit a feedback and get a chance to win a prize of up to 500 yuan ($74) call fee.

At the meeting, Ma Liang, Vice President of Huawei Cloud Core Network Product Line, said: “Huawei is honored to cooperate with Jiangsu Mobile in technology and business exploration, and to continue to invest in voice network evolution. In order to enable more business scenarios, Huawei proposes the “1+3+N” solution framework for new calls based on a basic network for new calls with an ultimate experience, coupled with three major capabilities including ultra-clear, intelligent, interactive calls. This will continue to bring better call levels to mobile terminal users…”. Just at the beginning of the month, Guangdong Mobile also joined hands with Huawei to complete the end-to-end 5G new calls in China.

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5G New Calls

5G New Calls will topple regular calls – China Mobile

This feature is a fresh call product that uses 5G network. According to China Mobile, the 5G New Calls will completely subvert traditional voice services and video call services. It will offer users a new level of smooth and seamless video calls and interaction in real-time.  This is a new feature that will reshape how we talk over the internet. The 5G new call will bring a new experience as it improves visual, perception and interaction capacity.

5G New Calls

The call feature is convenient to use, without downloading apps or small programs. Users do not need to change cards, numbers, plans, or add friends. In addition, the 5G new call also supports avatars, voice emoticons, and remote collaboration. You can send files and videos during the call, and you are not afraid of even calling foreigners. Real-time cross-language translation can be realized during the call.

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