Huawei expected to launch another smartwatch alongside Watch GT 4 series on Sept 14

is gearing up for an exciting reveal at their September 14th overseas event in Barcelona. In a recent update on their official X platform account (formerly Twitter), they hinted at yet another surprise product in addition to the previously teased Watch GT 4 – a brand-new smartwatch.

Teasing the Next Smartwatch: What We Know So Far

The teaser image released by Huawei showcases only a partial silhouette of this mysterious smartwatch. What's evident is its black casing adorned with gold accents. A prominent gold triangle scale at the top adds a touch of luxury and mystery to the design.

Previously, Huawei Mobile had shared some insights into the Watch GT 4, generating anticipation among enthusiasts. Subsequently, WinFuture leaked more details about this forthcoming smartwatch. The Watch GT 4 series is expected to offer two size options: 41mm and 46mm, with prices ranging from €249 to €399. Different materials and sizes will cater to diverse style preferences.

In their teaser, Huawei Mobile emphasizes their commitment to presenting “luxurious and forward-looking aesthetics,” emphasizing their dedication to creating visually appealing devices.

However, as of the latest update, Huawei has kept the name and specifications of this new smartwatch under wraps, leaving tech enthusiasts eager for more information.

It's clear that Huawei is making a strong push in the smartwatch market, and the unveiling of not just the Watch GT 4 but also this mysterious new smartwatch adds an element of intrigue to their upcoming event. Stay tuned for further updates as Huawei's September 14th showcase promises to bring more clarity on these exciting new wearables.




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