HP Pavilion Plus 14, Pavilion x360, HP 14/15 Laptop Hands On & First Impressions

HP had just announced a couple of new thin and light laptop models for the Indian market. The new HP and Pavilion series notebooks arrive to fulfill a variety of different requirements for the modern youth and we had the opportunity to try these out ourselves. So here's our hands on and first impressions of these laptops.

HP 14 & 15

Starting off the new launches, the company announced the new HP 14 and 15 models. These new notebooks arrive as the latest entry level models. As the name suggests, the two laptops feature a 14 inch and 15 inch displays. But despite their affordable price tag, the two models still feature a thin and light design along with a metallic build quality, which is great for its affordable starting price tag of 39,999 INR.

The HP 14 weighs just 1.4 kilograms, while the 15 weighs around 1.6 kilograms for portability. While it was quite light, the laptop still felt pretty solid with an added premium touch thanks to its metallic build. Although, these models didn't feel as robust as their more expensive Pavilion series models. I tried out the typing on these laptops and it was surprisingly a good experience. These also felt quite responsive which is likely thanks to their 13th Gen Intel Core processors.

Pavilion x360

The Pavilion x360 series has been a popular entry in the Pavilion series thanks to its 360 degree hinge, which enables it to offer a 2 in 1 laptop form factor. The 2 in 1 basically implies that the Pavilion x360 can function as a regular laptop and even in a tablet mode thanks to its touchscreen display. In our hands on with this model, the user experience was pretty smooth. The laptop was snappy and its 360 hinge meant that we also got to test out the touchscreen.


Having used 2 in 1 laptops in the past, I know that such models are quite versatile and the Pavilion x360 offers a great experience in both its tablet and laptop mode. Again, the typing experience was top notch on this model as well and its metallic build quality also offered a good premium experience overall. Notably, this model still weighs just 1.41 kilograms, which is quite light. The Pavilion x360 has a starting price tag of 57,999 INR.

Pavilion Plus 14

Finally arriving at the most expensive model that was announced today, the HP Pavilion Plus 14 was announced with some notable specs and features. The new model features a great metal build quality that offers a true premium feel and design. One of the biggest features of this model is the inclusion of the OLED display that offers great colors and image quality. This 14 inch OLED panel also offers 2.8K resolution and up to 90Hz refresh rate.


Simply put, the higher refresh rate and better display panel basically offered an impressive viewing experience. Apart from this, the only other aspect I really got to play around with was the keyboard and it was a decent experience overall. One thing that was odd is that this laptop was the only model that runs on the older 12th Gen Intel Core processors while the rest on the 13th Gen processors. This model is the most expensive out of the four new models, and starts from 81,999 INR.


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