Honor’s Next Major Smartphone Launch is on March 29, 2022, True Successor to Huawei in the Global Market?

Up until this point, Honor’s major launches globally are the flagship Honor 50, and Honor Magic 4 series which are now able to sport Google Play services, unlike its ex-sister brand, . However, upper mid-range and flagship territory aren’t the best devices to capture market share in the industry. Conventionally, the entry-level market is where companies gain their market share the most. (e.g. The Galaxy A12 was the device that shipped the most units in 2021 in both the Samsung brand and in the industry)

Honor Magic4 Ultimate awarded highest score of all time on DxOMark

Honor is finally looking to expand into the entry-level market in 2022 with its upcoming X series range of devices launching globally on March 29, 2022, at 8:30 pm MYT(6:00 pm IST). 


The news from Honor’s official website where the company states that the brand is “ready to go beyond” in the global market. The website doesn’t reveal what products will be launched, but Honor is already advertising the Honor March 29 event as the Honor X series Launch Event via advertisements online such as Banner Ads, Search Result Ads, and Instagram Ads. 

Honor X9 5G, X8, X7 devices names revealed via ads

The ads reveal the devices launching are respectively the Honor X9 5G, Honor X8, and the Honor X7. No specs or designs are revealed in the announcement banner nor ads, but Honor is expected to share more details in the coming weeks to build up hype for the series.

Prior to the and Honor breakup, the brand was the focus of the company’s flagship P and Mate series of devices, while the Honor brand was to serve the upper mid-range market with the Honor V and Honor Number series(Honor 10, 20). However, was also seen as the brand which made devices for the lower mid-range and entry-level market as well with their Y series, which are affordable entries for customers to enter the ecosystem.

Huawei Honor

However, with losing access to Google Play services, other competitors like Xiaomi and Realme have been filling the entry-level market with their products, but some users do miss the functionality and versatility that and Honor provided with their EMUI and Magic UI. Therefore, this launch event will be a treat for those who are looking to upgrade from their 2 to 3-year-old Y series devices to a newer Honor device equipped with Google services.

honor 50-google-play-services
Honor 50 with Google Play Services

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